Education is changing

— from schools to factory floors, new technology is allowing the most daring among us to push the boundaries of conventional learning.

From AI-driven, cloud-based courses, to VR and 3D printing, in the midst of a digital revolution, the most progressive organizations are reaping the rewards of pioneering EdTech.

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Hosted by U2B, EdTech 2020: Exploring the emerging world of EdTech is a collaborative project between Study International, TechHQ and Tech Wire Asia. 

Take to the resource for four in-depth features shedding light on EdTech adoption across education and industry, supported by rich visuals, real-world case studies, exclusive interviews, and 2020 outlay;

How classrooms are becoming spaces for ‘immersion’



Why leading colleges are embracing experiences


The automation age calls for innovative ‘soft skills’ training


Empowering skills development on the factory floor

“AI has the potential to permanently relegate the outdated ‘one-size-fits-all’, providing each student with a personalized path to mastering their subject.”

Kevin Schmidt 
Century Tech CTO

Global education venture capital investment (USD)

EdTech 2020 
Exploring the emerging world of EdTech